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Jesus Is A Man

Is Jesus Equal In
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Who is the Creator

Understanding John Chapter 1

God Himself is Coming

What Noted Trinitarian
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A Letter to a
"Oneness" Preacher

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Mistaken Greek Philosophy

Does Jesus Have a God?

Facing the Truth...
Doctrine of the Trinity

What About Emmanuel?

Can You Face Reality

Can You Face Reality
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Shocking Admissins
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Trinitarian Scholar
Dr. Cyril C. Richardson
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The Trinity

To God Be The Glory excerpts

Answering Questions

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Books by Joel Hemphill


God and Jesus

Paul preached God and Jesus. Each of his 13 epistles began "...peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ."

This verse makes no mention of a third person, but they do make a very obvious distinction between God and Jesus! There are over 760 NT passaages that make this distinction clearly.There are written in this book in the order they appear in Holy Scripture, in hopes that Christianity might adjut its DOCTRINE and WORSHIP. Read it and reap!

Joel Hemphill

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God and Jesus


Glory To God In The Highest-

We are celebrating the release of Joel’s new book, “Glory To God In The Highest.”

It is a 520 page work filled with scriptural and historical insights regarding the truth of the One Most High God and his supernaturally conceived, virgin born, human son, our Savior Jesus Christ.

In my studies I have been astonished to find that according to Edward Gibbon, Will Durant, and other noted historians, Plato was teaching the doctrine of the divine Logos and the doctrine of the Trinity, at his university called the Academy in Athens, Greece, 375 years before the birth of Jesus Christ!

It was several hundred years after the death of the last Apostle, before these Platonic doctrines made their way into Christianity, through the Greek “church fathers,” followers of Plato who had “converted.” They were established at two church councils: Nicea (325 A.D.) which decided that in addition to the Father, Jesus is the “second Deity,” and Constantinople (381 A.D.) which proclaimed the Holy Spirit as the third person of God, who“with the Father and the Son he is worshiped and glorified.” This flies in the face of Moses’ statement in Deuteronomy 6:4, which was endorsed by Jesus himself in Mark 12:29:“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.”

To deny the conclusions of these councils which were called by the Roman emperors Constantine and Theodosius, was to be punished by banishment or death. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The Trinitarian idea...grew in the blood of thousands and thousands of martyr’s.” These things I will prove in this book.

It is past time to re-examine those doctrines in the light of Holy Scripture!

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Glory To God In The Highest

Should We Pray To God The Father or Our Savior Jesus?
-Consider these words of Jesus our Savior regarding prayer: "When ye pray, say our father which art in heaven." (Luke 11:2). ~ "When thou prayest...pray to thy Father..." (Matt. 6:6). ~ "Your Father which is in heaven (shall) give good things to them that ask him" (Matt 7:11). ~ "...that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father...he may give it to you" (John 15:16). ~ "And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you" (John 16:23).

Joel Hemphill writes: "Often the enemy has blinded us to the clear instructions given in Scripture regarding prayer, and then caused us to blame God in our hearts when our prayers went unanswered."

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To Whom Do We Pray

Is the Holy Spirit A Third Person of God? - Is the Holy Spirit pictured in Scripture as a separate and distinct 'person' of God, or the breath and power of God the Father Himself? The Bible has much to say on this important subject!

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Holy Spirit Book

To God Be The Glory - Examining The Bible View of God. Who is the Lord God of the Bible? Find the answer in the pages of this exceptionally inspiring book! But is Jesus God? The Bible answer may surprise you! Click to read an excerpt.

If you are a minister, click "here".

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To God Be The Glory-German Version - Examining The Bible View of God. Who is the Lord God of the Bible? Find the answer in the pages of this exceptionally inspiring book! But is Jesus God? The Bible answer may surprise you! This version is written in the German language. Shipping to Canada and other countries will require additional shipping charges. You will see the total shipping charges at checkout.

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Joel Hemphill Teaching CD's


To God Be The Glory Teaching Series - A pastor of a large church in the Nashville area asked me to come and teach on the subject of my book, "To God Be The Glory." This set includes 7 C.D.'s of these teaching sessions. They run from forty-five to sixty-two minutes and are packed full of Scriptural understanding regarding God our Father, the one Most High God, in relation to His virgin-born Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Please purchase, listen and be blessed.
~ Joel Hemphill

Knowing God The Father - 2 Lessons on the subject of the One Most High God, as taught in Holy Scripture. This CD-set is taken from the “”To God Be The Glory” seminar held in Monroe, Louisiana. There were various denominations in attendance from eight states and Germany.

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Knowing God CD

This is a true story regarding the first eighteen years of a boy’s life, who lived and found love in a village in Northeast Louisiana. That boy is Joel Hemphill, and the village is Bawcomville. His life was honest and simple, yet rich with people, adventure, and the business of living. Such a strong foundation helped launch him into a successful life of ministry.

“This is a stunning accomplishment – and so much fun to read. I feel as if I have been so blessed to share your journey – what a ride! What a pleasure! Your fans will love it.”

Joy McKenzie
Editor/Gaither Homecoming Magazine

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Soul Inspiring Hymns -

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Knowing God CD

The Hemphills - Accepted -

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Knowing God CD

Best of the Hemphills -

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Knowing God CD

Walking in the Light

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Knowing God CD


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