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Professor James Dunn, a Trinitarian scholar says in his book “Christology In The Making,”

“We cannot claim that Jesus believed himself to be the incarnate Son of God” (p. 254).

“In Matthew and Luke Jesus’ divine sonship is traced back specifically to his birth or conception: he was Son of God because his conception was an act of creative power by the Holy Spirit” (p. 51).

“It is less likely that we can find such a Christology (‘incarnation or pre-existence’) in Paul or Mark, or Luke or Matthew” (p. 64).

“Only in the Fourth Gospel can we speak of a doctrine of the incarnation” (p. 259).

My contention is, that if Jesus, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Peter knew nothing of a pre-existence and incarnation, it did not happen! John has been mis-understood! (Its what God said that became flesh).

Listen to James Hastings, a noted Trinitarian Bible Scholar, “It may be that St. Paul nowhere names Christ ‘God.’ To a Jew the idea that a man might come to be God would have been an intolerable blasphemy” (Hastings Dictionary of the Bible: 1994; p. 707-708).


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