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by Joel Hemphill

Winnsboro 2012 Minister’s Conference

“I Was Wrong”

Joel Hemphill addresses a conference of ministers from a variety of church backgrounds at Winnsboro, LA. Joel talks about the concepts of the “Oneness” and the “Trinity.” He tells the ministers there – “I was wrong for 50 years on these matters – I had to change.”

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Joel Hemphill

“I Was Wrong” - Part 2

Tremendous presentation by Joel Hemphill at the 2012 Minister’s Conference in Winnsboro, Louisiana. In Part 2 Joel gives the audience a powerful, scriptural exposition showing that the Father is the only true God.

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Joel Hemphill

“Contrasting "One God” with
"Oneness" & "Trinity" - Part 3

In yet another great presentation at the 2012 Winnsboro Minister’s Conference, Joel Hemphill talks about his One God understanding in contrast to his former “Oneness” view of God and to the popular idea that God is “three” rather than “one.”

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Joel Hemphill

"Standing for the One True God"

Joel Hemphill addresses an audience at the 2011 Christian Worker's Seminar about the importance of the One God message. Joel says: "I like it when people take a stand for this message." 

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Joel Hemphill

"Joel Hemphill On Miracles"

Joel Hemphill talks at the 2011 Christian Worker's Seminar about his conviction that there will be working of notable miracles with the end time proclamation about the One True God.

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Joel Hemphill

"Joel Hemphill on Pope Benedict's Speech"

One God author and Bible teacher Joel Hemphill addresses the speech given by Pope Benedict 16th at the University of Regensburg in Germany on September 12th of 2006. 

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Joel Hemphill

"Speaking the Truth About God"

Joel Hemphill addresses an audience in Arkansas regarding "Speaking the Truth About God."  This is a powerful Scriptural teaching that brings us clarity in understanding who God is and the truth about his only begotten human son Jesus.

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Joel Hemphill

"Jesus Wants You to Know His Father"

This is a powerful night of teaching by Joel Hemphill at a congregation near Paducah Kentucky. Joel brings great clarity to the relationship of Jesus to the Father and Jesus' great objective:  That we would come to know his Father.

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Joel Hemphill

"How the Doctrine of the Trinity Originated"

Joel Hemphill brings clarity to the post biblical evolution of the doctrine of the Trinity. Joel also brings us a view of what is at stake for Christ and Christians relative to this non-biblical three person view of God.

Part One - Video Link

Part Two - Video Link

Joel Hemphill

Ministers' Meeting In Louisiana

Joel Hemphill is in excellent form as he addresses an amazing gathering of ministers from both Trinitarian and Oneness backgrounds in Louisiana. This is a meeting of extraordinary men and women of God who are willing to "lay it all on the line" for right understanding of God and his Son Jesus.

Part One - "A Truth Whose Time Has Come " -

Part Two - "The Father is the Only True God" -  Video Link

Joel Hemphill

"God Also"

In "God Also," Joel Hemphill addresses a wonderful audience in Arkansas! This is an excellent – sharp – well presented overview of some of the essential issues regarding the One God and the true identity of Jesus Christ. You won't want to miss this one!

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Joel Hemphill

"Be Prepared For Blessings"

In "Be Prepared for Blessings," Joel Hemphill brings us an uplifting message of hope that tells us we should always be prepared for the blessings of God in our lives.   

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Joel Hemphill

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