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Joel Hemphill Teaching Series

A pastor of a large church in the Nashville area asked me to come and teach on the subject of my book, "To God Be The Glory."

This set includes 7 C.D.'s of these teaching sessions.

They run from forty-five to sixty-two minutes and are packed full of Scriptural understanding regarding God our Father, the one Most High God, in relation to His virgin-born Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Please purchase, listen and be blessed.

~ Joel Hemphill

Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill have been married for over 50 years. They have three children and six grandchildren. They have been preaching and singing the Gospel for over 45 years. Joel pastored Pentecostal Temple in Bastrop, LA for 10 years (1961-1971) and also pastored Peytonsville Baptist Church in Thompson Station, TN for 13 months (August 1993 - September 1994). They have traveled around the world, and along with their family, have written and recorded over three hundred Gospel songs. They have received six Dove Awards and had numerous number one songs. Joel has been nominated ten times by the Gospel Music Association as Song Writer Of The Year and was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame in October 2007. LaBreeska's autobiography titled "Partners In Emotion," has been life changing for many people. Joel's revolutionary book "To God Be The Glory," from which this teaching series is taken, is a must read for those who seek to know the God of the Bible better. They travel internationally singing and preaching the good news of God's power to save, heal and conquer all adversities, through the name and blood of His Son Jesus Christ.


Edited by Steve Allen . Square One Studio
Franklin, Tennessee


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