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Jesus Is A Man

Is Jesus Equal In
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Who is the Creator

Understanding John Chapter 1

God Himself is Coming

What Noted Trinitarian
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A Letter to a
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Mistaken Greek Philosophy

Does Jesus Have a God?

Facing the Truth...
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What About Emmanuel?

Can You Face Reality

Can You Face Reality
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Shocking Admissins
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Trinitarian Scholar
Dr. Cyril C. Richardson
on The Doctrine of
The Trinity

To God Be The Glory excerpts

Answering Questions

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Professor James Dunn

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The Story of God's Grace

This book is a story of divine intervention and restoration, how God...brought joy out of our pain, hope out of our despair and turned our test into a testimony.

"LaBreeska Hemphill is the matriarch of one of gospel music's royal families. Partners in Emotion is a tour de force that chronicles her journey from the dusty roads of the deep South to the outer banks of the Promised Land. She gives us a peek at some fascinating people and places. The most extraordinary of these would be her heart." ~ Marty Stuart

"The Hemphills have been glorious staples in gospel music for decades now - and it's no wonder that the enemy of our souls would target them in vicious ways. But Jesus promised to be with us even through 'the valley of the shadow of death.'...Read this wonderful testimony and be encouraged as I have been.
~ Pat Boone


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